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How Digitec Galaxus is Adding Marketplaces and Adventure Packages to Its Offerings


When it comes to creating an online business, it never pays to sit still for long. Award-winning online department store Digitec Galaxus knows this better than most, as is evidenced by its adventurous new product offerings.

An Award-Winning Partnership

The Swiss eCommerce Awards is a huge ceremony which attracts more than 700 guests. 17 members form a jury when evaluates the contributions of nearly 170 companies to the ecommerce industry, and hands out gongs in 16 categories.

Galaxus and Digitec won awards in the home and living, electronics and media, community and storytelling, and best feature categories, as well as the main prize of Digital Commerce Champion. Of particular note was the online department store’s product resell feature.

The feature allows customers to list products they have purchased when they are no longer needed. They simply log into their account and click the resell option next to any item in their purchase history. They can add an up-to-date photo if they wish, along with details of any wear and tear, and set the price themselves. The item is then listed as “Used”, alongside everything else in the online store.

“The jury was won over by the strategy, concept and implementation for reselling products on,” said an award representative. “They were particularly impressed with the business model. After all, with this Best Feature, Digitec proves that it is there for its customers post sale and provides a solution for articles that are no longer used. What’s more, the feature is a great way of maintaining valuable customer interaction and keeping budgets within the company’s ecosystem. The feature is seamlessly integrated into both online shops. And both sellers and buyers benefit from an easy-to-use resale platform, the reuse of existing product information and transferrable warranties.”

Not only does this give customers a chance to shift unwanted items, but it also means Digitec Galaxus can get repeated monetisation opportunities from a single sale. A win-win arrangement.

Adventure Packages

Not content with taking the Swiss eCommerce Awards by storm, Digitec Galaxus has partnered with Swiss adventure experience company,, to further expand the service category of its business.

With this new partnership, Galaxus can now offer its customers more than 1,300 adventure packages and gift ideas, from weekend trips away, to once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as sky diving and F1 racing. The products will be made available through Galaxus’ merchant programme, which is the next step in the retailer’s plan to offer over three million products by the close of 2018. The total number available through the store broke two million in the early part of the year.

“As Switzerland’s leading gift specialist, we are delighted to extend the Galaxus range with a broad and original portfolio that caters for any event and taste,” said CEO of, Maud Hoffmann. “This cooperation gives us access to an additional heavily frequented sales channel as well as active, adventure-seeking new customers.”

Dr Stefan Fraude, Head of Portfolio & Business Development at Digitec Galaxus added, “We only give selected merchants access to our online shop; merchants who share our philosophy and meet our customers’ quality standards. If these requirements are met, we are happy to share our infrastructure, 15 years of experience in eCommerce as well as the reach and relevance Digitec Galaxus has in Swiss online trade.”

Experience packages are big business at the moment with people spending thousands to give the people they care about unforgettable moments which will be treasured for a lifetime. With the twin powerhouses of Digitec and Galaxus behind it, can only head up alongside them.

Final Thoughts

More and more consumers are looking for companies who can offer them not only great products, prices, and convenience, but also those innovative products and services which fall outside of the regular department store remit. With 77% of millennials stating they prefer experiences over material possessions, this market is only set to grow as more members of this generation reach a point of financial maturity, and can begin buying these kinds of things for themselves.

With these new partnerships and innovations rolling out, and almost certainly more to come, we can be sure the 2019 edition of the Swiss eCommerce Awards will be yet another one to watch for Digitec Galaxus.

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