eTail Germany 2018

March 13-March 14, 2018


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Germanys Evolving eCommerce Market

Customer demands are evolving quicker than many retailers can keep up. 
Germany, the biggest market in Europe in terms of purchasing power and internet use is at the forefront of innovation in retail.

We interviewed 100 retail giants based in Germany to get the inside scoop on the latest trends affecting online commerce.

From Online to In-Store

WBR Digital and Retail Me Not have collaborated on this report entitled 'From Online to In-Store - Lessons from Leading Multichannel Retailers'.

Did you know that...

  • 62% of German retailers plan to transition to an integrated retail team to better support their omnichannel strategy.
  • 46% of retailers work with third party providers for their localisation services.
  • 71% of retailers plan to invest in mobile payment technologies.
  • 61% of retailers plan to increase in-store technology spending over the next two years.
Download it here to find out more!

Executive Summary:

The way we shop has changed radically over the last ten years. 

Retailers have moved from a single channel existence, mainly bricks-and-mortar stores and mail order catalogues, to multiple channels. The customer journey is no longer a linear path; the challenge for both retailers and brands is to keep up with a consumer whose shopping journey stops and starts, moves from online to mobile to the storefront and back again.

There is a consolidation underway on the high street – one which has been ignited by the digital revolution and its resulting impact on both customer behaviour and expectations.

Consumers now expect their retail experience to be slick and seamless, regardless of how they choose to interact with a brand. Nine out of ten shoppers (86%) flit between multiple channels during the shopping journey; as a result omnichannel has become the watchword of the industry.

Omnichannel Payment Optimisation

“Omnichannel” is no longer simply a buzzword for retailers looking to increase conversions and loyalty.   

We surveyed 100 eCommerce executives based in Europe on behalf of Worldpay, to find out how they are optimizing their over all omnichannel proposition, and how some of the biggest retailers are prioritizing their payments processes.

How top retailers are winning with omnichannel and how you can too

“Omnichannel” is no longer simply a buzzword for retailers looking to increase conversions and loyalty.   
So, how are some of the biggest retailers in Europe managing their Omnichannel proposition?
View out on-demand webinar to find out how successful retailers are implementing their Omnichannel strategies.

Gateway to International eCommerce

The German eCommerce market is buzzing with opportunity. 

In collaboration with Worldpay we dug deeper into the issues surrounding the growth in the market to find out where 100 top German retailers stand.

The Global eCommerce Expansion Report

avarto Bertelsmann, providers of integrated eCommerce in Supply Chain Management, needed to gain a clearer understanding of how retailers approach global expansion of their eCommerce activities.

Together we designed a survey to be distributed across four sectors [Beauty, Fashion, Luxury & FMCG].

In total we surveyed over 90 companies, and the resulting whitepaper is the culmination of the research.

Reports & Studies

eCommerce Revenue Is Growing Rapidly In Germany – Don’t Lose Out On Your Share

2017 offers a huge opportunity for retailers – eCommerce revenue is growing immensely across Europe, and Germany in particular is a leader in this space. Not surprisingly - more than 75% of the German population are now regular internet shoppers!

Are you prepared for the changing eCommerce market?

  • By 2018, eCommerce sales are expected to rise by 34% in Germany bringing the total market to nearly €75 billion. 

  • Germany is the second largest market in Europe, behind the UK, but with the most growth potential.

  • 32% of eCommerce sales were mobile purchases in 2015, with 16% of sales coming from smartphones and 16% from tablet devices.

Download the report today to read more!

Conference Report

Download the eTail Germany 2017 Conference Report


Earned Content and the New Consumer Journey

Modern consumers are demanding more from brands than ever before.

Read Olapic's report on how many brands are turning to user-generated, or “earned,” content as a way to both solve the content gap and forge deeper relationships with their loyal digital followers. 

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