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Winning the Personalisation Race: How Adidas Created 30,000 Personalised Videos for Boston Marathon Runners


Enhancing the customer experience and boosting sales through personalisation are goals that many in the retail sector are actively pursuing. However, only a few organisations are truly managing to accomplish this feat. A notable exception in recent years has been the sportswear maker Adidas.

How Volkswagen Is Developing AI to Improve Sales Planning and Connect the Customer and Employee Experience


Used to power headline-making technologies such as self-driving cars and preventative maintenance, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is emerging as one of the principal drivers in an automotive industry which has been experiencing variable fortunes in recent times. 

The 3 key challenges retailers should prepare themselves for in 2020

By: Julie Diebold

The German ecommerce retail sector is growing at an unstoppable pace, reaching a whopping US$70,345m in 2018. Demand has therefore grown exponentially, exacerbating competition amongst online retailers who feel pressured to constantly rethink their strategies and services. In this new changing digital landscape, what are the most important challenges German retailers face on a daily basis?

Here’s How Foodpanda is Taking to the Skies to Change How Takeaway Food is Delivered


For years, friends and families have engaged in spirited debate about whether they’ll get Chinese or Indian food, and perhaps more crucially, who will make the dreaded phone call to place the order. Added to this is the convenience of being able to pay by card through the website, as well as obtaining food from vendors which don’t normally offer delivery.

Open sesame: H&M joins Alibaba’s online platform Tmall with plans to open pop-up smart store in China


Swedish fashion giant H&M has teamed up with the Chinese multinational e-commerce giant Alibaba to offer their fashion range in China via online marketplace, Tmall.

How Digitec Galaxus is Adding Marketplaces and Adventure Packages to Its Offerings


When it comes to creating an online business, it never pays to sit still for long. Award-winning online department store Digitec Galaxus knows this better than most, as is evidenced by its adventurous new product offerings.