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14 - 15 March, 2017

Maritim pro Arte, Berlin, Germany

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Media Partners

Media Partners



The core business of PIABO is to assist entrepreneurs and businesses to actively recognize potentials, identify and achieve growth targets, and ultimately own the market. The Berlin-based agency is a business performance amplifier in its function as the next-generation PR engine for the international digital industry – and your company’s successful and sustainable entrance and exit story. Founder and CEO Tilo Bonow and his team have chronicled an exceptional track record with their approach, which applies market savvy, resources and relationships to drive the success of their clients in national and global arenas. Their brand of premium PR features full-service and traditional marketing campaigns as well as strategic social media management and content marketing. PIABO delivers outstanding international media presence and business development strategies that encourage exponential growth.



acquisa  - the leading magazine for dialogue marketing and e-commerce. acquisa discusses all aspects of customer centric communication across all channels and with focus on more business success. The magazine offers background stories, best practice cases, news and tips on customer acquisition, customer loyalty and maximizing customer value in the digital age.

BayPay Forum


The BayPay Forum, a SiliconValley-based international network composed of over 11,000 payment and commerceexecutives, entrepreneurs and investors from thousands of different companies,serves as a forum to connect members in identifying and understanding theemerging trends and innovations in the industry.

Berlin Valley News


The leading STARTUP magazine for entrepreneurs and decision-makers!
Berlin Valley News presents all the protagonists, financings, statistics, background reports and numerous exclusive interviews with the stars of the scene. The monthly magazine is well on its way to become a required must-read for startup entrepreneurs and innovation managers across Germany



Der Bundesverband Onlinehandel e.V. wurde am 8. April 2006 in Dresden gegründet. Er versteht sich als Sprecher und Interessenvertreter des mittelständigen Onlinehandels (KMU). Sein Programm ist die Verwirklichung eines fairen, sicheren und erfolgreichen Onlinehandels für alle daran Beteiligten. Aktuelle programmatische Ansätze sind der Kampf gegen Handelsbeschränkungen im Online-Handel, der rechtssichere Verkauf auf Amazon, internationales Handeln, wie auch Verbraucherschutz auf europäischer Ebene. Folgen Sie uns über Twitter, Facebook oder XING. Besuchen Sie unsere Stammtische oder werden Sie mit einer Mitgliedschaft selbst Teil unseres aktiven Verbandslebens.

Conversion Boosting


The ConversionBoosting platform makes websites more successful. Over 150 ebooks and videos, optimization suggestions, online wizards, online workshops, e-learning courses offer practical assistance about Conversion Optimization and help build up knowledge in companies and agencies. We cover topics including, but not limited to, landing page optimization, ecommerce optimization, tracking, web analytics, a/b testing, and personalization.

Digital Agency Network


DAN is a global digital agency network which focuses on collaboration, knowledge-sharing, business support and exploration.

DAN's mission is to support member agencies’ businesses and enhance the intelligence, expertise, reach and effectiveness of the members through knowledge sharing and collaboration

Ecommerce News


Ecommerce News is a European website filled with interesting news about the European ecommerce industry. Here you can read articles about the latest studies, acquisitions, law changes, new ecommerce initiatives, online stores that are just launched and much, much more. If it’s about ecommerce and if it’s about Europe or a country/region in Europe, you will find it on Ecommerce News!

eStrategy Magazin


eStrategy Magazine is a free online magazine, which provides a broad scope of useful articles to all people that are interested in E-Commerce, online marketing, web development, project management and mobile. The magazine was founded in 2009 by the Web Agency TechDivision and has been published quarterly since then. In the meantime the eStrategy Magazine is a required reading for shop- and website owners as well as decision-makers  of companies and online agencies in German-speaking countries.

For downloading the eStrategy-Magazine just go to and open a free user account.



Euromonitor International is the world’s leading independent provider of strategic market research. We create data and analysis on thousands of products and services around the world.

As independent market research experts, you can rely on us for unbiased historic trends and forecasts for every region, country, category, economy, channel and consumer. Our innovative market research products, reliable reports and daily updates from expert analysts make Euromonitor International an essential resource for every organisation.



iBusiness - trendscout and future researcher

HighText iBusiness is a leading German-speaking trend scout and future researcher on media convergence and the strategic aspects of its impacts on commerce, industry and publishing. It provides daily news, background analysis, business rankings, database information on products and companies, compendiums and dossiers.

It addresses corporate users as well as producing agencies and publishers of interactive media in technology, services, industry and trade in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Infinity Magazine


‘Infinity’ is an online digital commerce magazine highlighting innovation, industry knowledge and cross border opportunities. It is published by HuntRevenue a marketing, communications and development specialist supporting companies operating within all sectors of eCommerce and the Digital. Our services extend to integrated email, blogging and social media services with stories receiving up to thousands of reads. To learn more about our offerings: or email: alternatively, call Keith Venn +44 (0) 207 096 1579

Internet Retailer


Internet Retailer is the world’s largest publisher in the field of e-commerce. Through multiple print, digital and web-based publications and database services, we provide strategic and practical business information and original competitive research on e-retailing to more than 200,000+ retail executives and direct marketers every month.

Clickhere for your FREE Digital subscription to Internet Retailer Magazine.

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IT Schulungen

Website:, das Education Center der New Elements GmbH, ist einer der führenden, herstellerunabhängigen Anbieter von Seminaren und Schulungen für IT, Management und digitales Marketing. Seit über zehn Jahren ist eine anerkannte Anlaufstelle für viele Unternehmen und Behörden, wenn es um die Durchführung von praxisorientierten IT-Schulungen geht. Das Portfolio umfasst über 2.000 verschiedene Schulungsthemen und wird in offenen Schulungen in den eigenen Seminarzentren, in persönlichen Coachings oder als speziell zugeschnittene Inhouse-Schulungen angeboten. 

Marketing Boerse


The business directory marketing-BÖRSE is one of the biggest German-language marketing platforms. Over 20.000 specialized providers of affiliate marketing, search engine-optimization as well as target-group analysis are represented. For every company, details such as press releases, white papers, memberships and activities are being displayed.

Novalnet AG


Ein Full-Service-Payment-Provider, wie die Novalnet AG, ist einzigartig in Deutschland, wenn nicht sogar auf der ganzen Welt. Die Palette der Serviceleistungen beinhaltet u.a.:

- alle gängigen nationalen und internationalen Zahlungsarten aus einer Hand
- ein umfangreiches integriertes Risikomanagement zur Minimierung von Zahlungsausfällen und Betrug
- automatisierte Rechnungserstellung
- völlig automatisiertes Debitoren- und Forderungsmanagement inkl. verschiedener Mahnstufen
- Inkasso
- kostenfreien technischen Support
- zahlreiche Zusatzservices, die für Kosteneinsparungen sorgen

Retail Connections


With an exclusive focus on retail and retailers, The Retail Connection navigates its clients through the real estate market with unmatched industry knowledge, experience, relationships and a total commitment to their success.  Our primary objective is to continually create value for our clients by helping them maximize the connection with their customers. 
Our core focus is and always will be driving the expansion plans of our retail clients.  Everything we do serves to extend the reach of their real estate programs. 
Our ultimate objective is to make sure that we are there to provide the connection at every point where retail and real estate come together. 



shopanbieter.deist ein Info-Portal, dass ganz auf den Bedarf von Betreibern Online-Shops jederUnternehmensgröße zugeschnitten ist. Hier finden sie alle relevantenInformationen an einer Stelle konzentriert vor: Ein umfassendesLinkverzeichnis, einen aktuellen Newsservice, Hintergrundartikel sowieInterviews mit spezialisierten Lösungsanbietern und Dienstleistern.



Die Statista GmbH betreibt mit eines der weltweit führenden Statistik-Portale. Sie hat ihren Sitz in Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, New York, London und Madrid und beschäftigt rund 350 Mitarbeiter, darunter Datenbank-Experten, Redakteure und Statistiker. 

Zu Statistas Kunden zählen viele renommierte Konzerne, Unternehmen, Institutionen und Agenturen. Bereits über 1.000.000 registrierte Nutzer hat das Portal zu verzeichnen, die den Zahlen, Daten und Fakten ihr Vertrauen schenken.



t3n, das Magazin der digitalen Wirtschaft, liefert online und im vierteljährlich erscheinenden Printmagazin aktuelle Entwicklungen und Trends der Internetbranche. Die Redaktion informiert fundiert und praxisnah über E-Business, Social Media, Web-Technologie und -Design sowie digitale Zukunftsthemen und liefert alle relevanten Informationen für Erfolg im Digitalgeschäft.

The Paypers


The Paypers is the Netherlands-based leading independent source of news and intelligence for professionals in the global payment community. Our products are aimed at merchants, payment services providers, processors, financial institutions, start-ups, technology vendors and payment professionals and have a special focus on all major trends and developments in payments-related industries including online and mobile payments, online/mobile banking, cards, cross-border e-commerce, e-invoicing and SEPA. We are also keen on keeping our readership informed with regard to online fraud prevention innovations and the most significant trends in the digital identity space.

Visibility Magazine


Visibility Magazine began in 2007 as a print magazine dedicated to bringing vision, clarity, and visibility to the internet marketing industry. Our content, provided by leading internet marketing firms, remains on the cutting edge.

With articles from contributors such as Omniture, Facebook and, our subscription base has grown exponentially over the past two years, and continues to grow. To date, we have over 55,000 subscribers, with more being added each day. Company CEOs, owners, founders and Chief Marketing Officers represent most of our subscriber base, with Sales Managers, Customer Service Executives, SEM Managers and others representing the remainder.

WIN Verlag


Bereits seit 1977 werden von den Verlegern Liane und Hans-J. Grohmann Fachpublikationen verlegt.
Die Maxime ist damals wie heute, komplexe technische Sachverhalte zielgruppengerecht aufzubereiten. Daraus entstand vor vielen Jahren unser Slogan "Solutions to Market".

Im WIN-Verlag werden folgende Magazine, Kataloge und Onlineportale verlegt: AUTOCAD&Inventor Magazin, DIGITAL ENGINEERING Magazin, DIGITAL MANUFACTURING, digitalbusiness CLOUD, DIGITAL ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS, eCommerce Magazin, Autodesk Partnerlösungen und der IBM Business Partner NetKatalog.

Fuer alle unsere Publikationen gelten die in den vielen Jahren entwickelten Qualitätsmaßstäbe, die auf folgendem Leitgedanken des Verlagshauses beruhen:
In den schnellsten und dynamischsten Märkten eine aktuelle und innovative Kommunikationsplattform zwischen Anbieter und Markt zu bieten. In dieser Rolle die Nr.1 zu sein, spiegelt den Anspruch an unsere tägliche Arbeit wieder.