eTail Germany 2021

09 - 11 March, 2021

The InterContinental Berlin

+44 (0) 207 368 9573

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Conference Day One – 10th March 2020

7:30 am - 8:50 am Registration & Welcome Coffee

Prof. Dr. Christian Stummeyer, Professor of Digital Ecommerce at Technical University of Ingolstadt

Prof. Dr. Christian Stummeyer

Professor of Digital Ecommerce
Technical University of Ingolstadt

Embracing Digital Transformation

9:00 am - 9:20 am INSPIRATIONAL KEYNOTE: Turning market disruption into a competitive advantage: From user experience to putting the you in user experience personalized product and brand experience as competitive advantage

Dominic Millioud, Managing Director at

Dominic Millioud

Managing Director

9:20 am - 9:40 am KEYNOTE: How to scale Data function in a fast-growing organization?

In a fast-growing company, knowing how to use Data Analytics, Data Science and Machine-Learning is not only about hiring the right data people and work on the right problem but also how to setup the function and spread best knowledge and practices related to data and associated technology across the organization. In this talk I will use concrete examples of problems faced in setting up a large data function and how we are solving it at HRS.
Sébastien Foucaud, Chief Data Officer at HRS Group

Sébastien Foucaud

Chief Data Officer
HRS Group

Adapting To New Market Trends

  • How the next generation of eCommerce is about bringing the store to customers, not driving customers into a store
  • How to control the customer experience despite how it all evolves, building the shopping experience around engagement
  • Moving away from the “buy now” strategy to create incredible experiences that keep you relevant with your customers whenever and wherever that may be
  • How can you build a ‘best-in-class’ customer-centric omnichannel roadmap to future-proof your business and continue to thrive in a constantly changing market?
  • How can retailers best utilise AI and digital assistant technology to reinvent their customer engagement strategies to avoid the possibility of extinction
  • How to use interactive product visualisation technology  to offer tangible in-store experiences to  your online consumers
  • How companies can combine sustainability strategies without losing the commercial focus
Dr. Stefanie Vollmer, Research Consultant at Similarweb

Dr. Stefanie Vollmer

Research Consultant

Helmar Hipp, Managing Director at Cyberport

Helmar Hipp

Managing Director

Daniel Infanger, Managing Director at Conrad Electronics International

Daniel Infanger

Managing Director
Conrad Electronics International

Dr. Philipp Gattner, Chief Executive Officer at reBuy reCommerce

Dr. Philipp Gattner

Chief Executive Officer
reBuy reCommerce

Gareth Locke, Chief Growth Officer at mytheressa

Gareth Locke

Chief Growth Officer

Jennifer Yohannes, CEO at Kartenmacherei

Jennifer Yohannes


Henrik Voss, Head of Retail, eCommerce and Marketing at GRAVIS

Henrik Voss

Head of Retail, eCommerce and Marketing

10:20 am - 10:40 am KEYNOTE: Marketing automation doesn’t exist. What people call “Marketing Automation” is really about Sales and Journey automation. And it looks more like engineering than art. Can you blend the two?

“Real Marketing” is mission-critical but you can easily lose sight of it in the midst of performance demands. In this session, let’s talk about what automation can’t do for customer marketing and what you can to build data-driven, productive marketing plans that resonate with your customers and authentically represent your brand.

Yannik Kottusch

Sales Director DACH

Sara Taify

Product Marketing Manager

10:40 am - 11:20 am Morning networking break / Pre-arranged 1-2-1 meetings

Grab a coffee and engage with best-in-class solution providers working to bring you closer to your customers.

Delivering A Personalised CX

11:20 am - 12:00 pm OMNICHANEL PANEL: How can you deliver more engaging shopper experiences in the physical and digital world?
  • How to go beyond omni-channel and think in terms of a single platform where everything lives together
  • How to build a mature unified eCommerce model  that optimises your digital &offline channels to stay ahead of the competition
  • How to create a real digital supply chain in house that can deliver the best experience to our customers in both worlds?
  • Leveraging consumer insights from big data to craft customised experiences
  • How to better capture, analyse and apply consumer data to transform your business into a customer-centric company
  • How to better track customer data footprints across your digital & offline touch points to gain a better understanding of customer behaviour
Laure Frank, Director eCommerce & Omnichannel at Manor AG

Laure Frank

Director eCommerce & Omnichannel
Manor AG

Mirko Caspar, Managing Director at Mister Spex

Mirko Caspar

Managing Director
Mister Spex

Kevin Ziegler, Chief Customer Officer at Orsay

Kevin Ziegler

Chief Customer Officer

Daniela Rank, Co-Founder & CEO at Furnished

Daniela Rank

Co-Founder & CEO


11:20 am - 12:10 pm WORKSHOP: Low conversions? It's your search experience! How to maximize sales by helping consumers find the perfect products in the age of choice overload
Do you want to generate more sales but only a fraction of your visitors are converting? It may be down to an ineffective search experience. In the age of choice overload, consumers demand guidance and assistance in their purchase journey. We'll show you what it takes to create human-friendly, conversational search experiences that have increased digital sales by 211%.

Join this interactive session to learn:
·       Why ‘choice paralysis’ continues to be one of the biggest problems to solve in the digital era
·       Why your keyword search and product filters are no longer enough in times when voice, bots and robots are taking over
·       What leading brands and retailers like Gravis are doing right now to fix broken search and customer experiences
·       Best practices and tips to elevate your shopping experience and sell more
Vera Mayer, Chief Product Officer at Zoovu

Vera Mayer

Chief Product Officer

Henrik Voss, Head of Retail, eCommerce and Marketing at GRAVIS

Henrik Voss

Head of Retail, eCommerce and Marketing

12:00 pm - 12:20 pm CUZTOMIZATION KEYNOTE: With customers shopping with their emotions rather than their wallets how to adapt to an increasing demand for a more personalized product experience

Christian Möhring, CEO and Founder at Madeone

Christian Möhring

CEO and Founder

12:20 pm - 12:40 pm INSPIRATIONAL KEYNOTE: Recommendation battle between two personalization vendors!

Julian Hillig

Head of Market Development EMEA
Dynamic Yield

12:40 pm - 1:00 pm KEYNOTE: Democratize your CX Data! How to enable your digital teams to create better experiences with behavioral insights accessible to everyone

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Networking Lunch

After lunch, delegates will tailor their on-site experience to their most pressing needs, with the option to attend case studies, small interactive working groups, and pre-arranged 1-2-1 meetings with leading solution providers.

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm LUNCH WORKSHOP: Turning returns into returning customers! How to use the returns process to increase customer loyalty and upsell

Nicolo Viegener, Business Advisor at Metapack

Nicolo Viegener

Business Advisor

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm LUNCHWORKSHOP: How to succeed in a complex delivery world with Seven Senders’ single API approach

Thomas Hagemann, Managing Director & Founder at Seven Senders

Thomas Hagemann

Managing Director & Founder
Seven Senders

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm WORKSHOP: Transforming Commerce: Winning the hearts, minds and wallets of local audiences

• How to find and personalize experiences for Local audiences
• How to align media and content, from brand to local, underpinned by data
• How to integrate brand and performance marketing to reach and convert new audiences
• The transformational impact this has for retailers around the world
Nasser Sahlool, VP, Client Strategy at DAC Group

Nasser Sahlool

VP, Client Strategy
DAC Group

DIGITAL STREAM - Reaching Seamless Experiences

2:00 pm - 2:20 pm CASE STUDY: How IKEA uses interactive augmented reality applications to enhance the shopping experience

DIGITAL STREAM - Reaching Seamless Experiences

2:20 pm - 2:30 pm INNOVATION SPOTLIGHT: Speeds-up products’ time to market, engage your shoppers while offering consumers better transparency
Antoine Durieux, CEO at Alkemics

Antoine Durieux


DIGITAL STREAM - Reaching Seamless Experiences

2:30 pm - 2:50 pm CASE STUDY: What's next in 2020: How to dramatically improve your engagement and success rate with new digital technologies?
  • How to approach A/B testing – where to start
  • What questions do you need to ask in order to start the process?
  • How to decide which variation you need to test and for how long
  • How to run an A/B test if the traffic is low
  • The importance of running continuous A/B tests to create a more efficient website
Norman Nielsen, Director, Organic at Omio

Norman Nielsen

Director, Organic

Data driven revenue attribution Abstract: How to collect data, which methods to use and what is the true expected impact of attribution in our multichannel marketing ecosystems


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm WORKSHOP: Data driven revenue attribution workshop: How to collect data, which methods to use and what is the true expected impact of attribution in our multichannel marketing ecosystems

Bruno Gorgulho, Head of Solutions at Exponea

Bruno Gorgulho

Head of Solutions

2:50 pm - 3:10 pm CLIENT INTERVIEW

3:10 pm - 3:30 pm CASE STUDY: Scaling business for brands & retailers

Andreas Platiel, Strategic Partnerships, EMEA at ChannelAdvisor

Andreas Platiel

Strategic Partnerships, EMEA

3:30 pm - 3:50 pm CASE STUDY: Keeping your customers coming back for more: How to extract actionable insights from digital & offline data sets to better understand and deliver on your customer needs

  • Thinking outside the box: how to re-energise tired and traditional customer loyalty programmes
  • How can you drive customer engagement and foster loyalty with blockchain, AR and VR
  • How to develop loyalty programs that deliver real commercial success by focusing on customer centricity rather than discounts
  • How to measure how successful your loyalty program is in order to personalise further
Florian Bonnet, Head of Product at Zizoo

Florian Bonnet

Head of Product

3:50 pm - 4:10 pm CASE STUDY: How CDPs help marketers map the customer journey

Henry Li, Director of Business Development at Arm Treasure Data

Henry Li

Director of Business Development
Arm Treasure Data

4:10 pm - 4:30 pm Afternoon Networking Break

4:30 pm - 4:50 pm FIRE SIDE CHAT INTERACTIVE– MEET THE MOST EXPERIENCED SUBSCRIPTION ECOMMERCE PLAYER IN THE DACH REGION: How to implement a subscription business model that strengthens customer loyalty and increases their lifetime value

  • How to build a successful subscription business that creates  creating value to the subscribers
  • The challenge of maintaining customer interest and engagement with the products on offer
  • The importance of building a flexible subscription service that allows customers to customise their orders monthly
Samy Liechti, Founder at BLACKSOCKS

Samy Liechti


4:50 pm - 5:10 pm CASE STUDY: D2C meets retail revolution: Find out how Yamo is changing the baby food category in Europe, both on- and offline

Tobias Gunzenhauser, CEO and Co-Founder at Yamo

Tobias Gunzenhauser

CEO and Co-Founder

Finding The Next Big Start Up

Julia Exner, Director Digital Business Development & Communication, Otis Germany
·         Xaver Lehmann is CEO & Managing Director, e-bot7
·         Kevin Becker, Co-Founder, Dotaki
·         Bobby Östberg,  Founder & CEO,ZyseMe
·         Marcel Herz, Co-Founder, Tiliter
Christian Augustin, Senior Customer Success Executive at e-bot7

Christian Augustin

Senior Customer Success Executive

Kevin Becker, Co-Founder at Dotaki

Kevin Becker


Bobby Östberg, CEO and Founder at ZyseMe

Bobby Östberg

CEO and Founder

Mirko Brunk, Strategic Designer at Tiliter

Mirko Brunk

Strategic Designer

Johannes Brenninkmeyer

Plug and Play Retail Munich

Christian Möhring, CEO and Founder at Madeone

Christian Möhring

CEO and Founder

Dorit Posdorf, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer at OUTFITTERY

Dorit Posdorf

Chief Marketing & Sales Officer

5:50 pm - 6:50 pm Networking Drinks Reception